A Vision for Everyone

I am running for Hennepin County Sheriff because I believe our elected sheriff should have a vision for public safety that encompasses everyone.  The incumbent sheriff has been in office for 12 years and still relies on an outdated 1990’s model of policing that neglects transparency and lacks responsiveness to community needs.  Transparency, responsiveness, and flexibility are some of my core values.  It is time we elected a sheriff that will respond to everyone, all neighbors, no matter where they came from or what they look like.


I will respond effectively to the needs of all people of all background.  As sheriff, I will: 

  • Require crisis intervention and de-escalation training 
  • Protect the safety of Hennepin County’s immigrant and indigenous communities
  • Rethink how the Sheriff’s Office interacts with ICE
  • Provide mentally ill individuals with the treatment and services needed to stay out jail


Nothing dissolves communal trust faster than hiding information or neglecting legitimate questions from the public.  As sheriff, I will: 

  • Establish open channels of communication between the Sheriff’s Office and the community
  • Seek public input during the decision-making process
  • Ensure the best candidates are hired and promoted to serve our community 
  • Audit the budget, programs, and services for effectiveness and efficiency


Hennepin County needs leadership that understands and adapts to society’s requirements and expectations for the law enforcement profession.  As sheriff, I will:

  • Implement services and strategies that take into account the current needs of Hennepin County
  • Update services and programs to align with best practices
  • Respond proactively to challenges of the community
  • Increase trust by creating a culture of transparency, responsiveness, and inclusiveness     

Let’s start working together for a safe and healthy community.