Dave Hutch

For Hennepin County Sheriff

Public Safety Before Politics

My name is Dave Hutch, and I am running for Sheriff of Hennepin County. This is where I live and work. I have spent most of my 15-year career as a police officer in Hennepin County, and I am a homeowner in Bloomington. I love this profession and I love what we -- law enforcement officers and neighbors -- are able to accomplish together. I'd be honored to have your support as a candidate for Hennepin County Sheriff. Learn More About Me

Why I'm Running

My experience as both a police officer and a police supervisor has driven me to run for Sheriff. I have spent my career working in the inner city, engaged in some of the poorest and most forgotten neighborhoods of Hennepin County. I am very fortunate that the same experience has allowed me to work with such diverse communities, from recent immigrants and refugees to long-established families of Minneapolis. I work with everybody and now it is time to take that community ethic to the Sheriff's office. Learn More About Why I am Running